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LMF 在油气、化工和石化领域是全球领先的特殊压缩机系统供应商。

LMF 开发和制造无油和有油润滑的,标准或客户定制的空气和各种气体压缩机,可以集成空气和气体处理设备、控制等系统。作为一家奥地利公司,我们坚持创新和最高等级的品质标准,来满足和超越我们对客户的承诺。

LMF - an Austrian manufacturer of Reciprocating and Rotary Screw compressors for industrial, oil & gas industry applications. The LMF headquarters are located in Leobersdorf, Austria.

LMF has of over 168 year’s industry experience and offers its customers the benefits of the latest developments in design engineering, proven manufacturing methods, full load testing prior to shipment, and superior after sales services.

All LMF Products are developed and manufactured according to internationally recognized standards.

Its multi skilled and highly trained workforce is able to offer its customers all relevant services as a one-stop provider extending from design to manufacturing, testing with high kW running capability, commissioning and responsive Worldwide service support.

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